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Dental Hygiene

Visiting a dental hygienist is an important part of keeping your teeth and gums healthy long term. Studies show that people who visit the hygienist are much less likely to lose their teeth from gum disease than those that don't.

Gum disease is entirely preventable. Its treatment will include regular visits seeing the dental hygienist for treatment and working with us to help improve and maintain your dental health. Frequency and intervals of appointments will be discussed with you.

Making an appointment with our dental hygienist is easy, just ask our reception team for an appointment.

We provide Silver & Gold options for Dental Hygiene Services.
MegaClean with AIR-FLOW®. The Ultimate In Stain Removal *includes a Classic Scale & Polish

If you have excessive staining on your teeth, recently had a brace removed or have a special occasion coming up, why not treat yourself to our MegaClean service to brighten and freshen your smile with instant and visible results.

The MegaClean option includes a classic scale and polish and incorporates air polishing using AIR-FLOW® during the polishing stage. This works by using water pressure to deliver a controlled stream of sodium bicarbonate. These fine particles of powders are propelled by compressed air in a warm spray and directed onto the surfaces of the teeth effectively removing surface stains, plaque and other soft deposits such as food particles trapped in between the teeth.

Classic Scale & Polish per session

A classic Scale & Polish includes the removal of traces of plaque and hard tartar which cannot be removed by simply brushing alone and a polishing stage helping to clean your teeth and remove staining which may have been caused by smoking, foods, red wine, coffee, tea etc.

*Please be aware you may experience minor gum irritation following cleaning with both options.

Teeth Whitening

For patients wishing to lighten their teeth, we use a process called Teeth Whitening. This process can significantly change the shade of your teeth and is a great way to brighten up your smile.

If you are considering Teeth Whitening, please ask your dentist for further information about risks, benefits and suitability.

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Brushing & Flossing Is Loving Your Smile!